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Ipieca provides global leadership on the interaction between the industry, people and communities by acting as a unique forum to promote high standards and share good practice.

Covering social performance, respect for human rights, health and contributions to social and economic development, Ipieca helps the oil and gas industry to operate responsibly and proactively contribute to society where it can, whilst engaging positively with communities and stakeholders. 

Ipieca members start from the principle that managing local impacts and maximizing the social and economic benefits of their presence are essential project elements. Pursuing these goals helps companies to manage their own risks as well as potential impacts on others.

Ipieca’s aspiration is to support the oil and gas industry’s participation in international collaboration to transition to a lower carbon world in a way that’s just and fair for workforces, communities and consumers.

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  • Managing-light-exposure.png
    Ipieca-IOGP launch 'Managing light exposure in the energy industries'

    Pragmatic advice on how workplace lighting can limit circadian disruption and enhance health, safety, and performance.

    26 May 2022
  • Health-risk.png
    Ipieca-IOGP launch 'Health risk assessment and management guidance'

    To mark this World Health Day, Ipieca and IOGP have published new guidance on Health risk assessment and management.

    07 April 2022
  • HR day.png
    UN Human Rights Day 2021: building a fairer world

    To mark this day and support a future with equality at its core, IPIECA is sharing guidance which can help oil, gas and alternative energy businesses contribute to a fairer future for all.

    10 December 2021